As a kid, I remember loving National Geographic and Life magazines.  Pin-up calendars and posters were everywhere;. Movies usually were so “glamorous”. (Still love the 40’s/50’s Hollywood glamour portraits). 

I bought my first camera in 1973 to record my adventures in the Marines.  I took pictures everywhere from Italy, France, England to the other side of the world in Japan. At that time, they were mostly my attempts at land/city scapes, to local events such as Friendship Day in Japan on MCAS Iwakuni.

 In 1977 I started getting a bit more serious. I started taking a course with NYI (New York Institute of Photography), bought a darkroom setup, etc. The darkroom lasted until around mid-81, when I was deploying more than staying home. Packed it up, until it finally was sold at a yard sale some time in the mid 90’s.  (Sigh)..  

 These days, I take photos of many different genres: Landscapes, urban, street, glam, pin-up, old barns, dilapidated houses, boudoir, glam/art nudes, etc.

  I can't say that I have a "passion" for any one genre, so I try my best at a few.  ;)  

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